How do you Find your First Video Production Clients?

For this piece I’m going to forget all other variables eg. the quality of your work, your social media following, your number of existing contacts and just focus on the methodology of finding your first video clients. I’m going to assume you have a url link for your showreel or portfolio hosted on Vimeo or Youtube, at the ready.


First off, don’t be afraid to work for free occasionally, if you do a good job, word of mouth spreads and you’re at least getting some marketing done.


So, who is a prospective client?



Do you know anyone getting married/ having a birthday/ christening soon? Do you know anyone who knows anyone getting married/having a birthday/christening soon? Do you know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone etc.



Business wise, you should simply take a trip around your nearest city or town and look for small to medium businesses who would be interested in a video. How do you define a business that needs a video doing? Loosely, but a reasonably busy business that may have some marketing budget, and active on social media. Check for their emails online. If you’re unsure, obviously put them down on your list of leads anyway, there’s no such thing as too many leads.




After a trip through town, google businesses in your local city and scroll through, taking email addresses of businesses with similar criteria as mentioned above. Do some research, do they have a website? Do they implement social media? ie do they have the correct platforms to host a video that you want to produce for them?



Take as many leads as you can, the more you have, the more likely you are to land a client. You cannot complain about lack of interest if you haven’t accrued enough leads.




Then comes the time consuming part, writing an email pitch to all these people. A pitch should make you seem professional but friendly, don’t make yourself sound too corporate and don’t make it too long, certainly not if you’re talking about yourself. Tell them why you think a video would help them, eg. ‘51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI’



Make sure the hyperlink for your showreel/portfolio is roughly near the start of your pitch, this lead may not fancy doing much reading so captivate them with video early on.



There is no secret; getting your name out there is a gruelling, time consuming process. Try and tailor each pitch to the lead as much as possible. Be prepared for a lot of NO’s, and be prepared to move on, fast. Remember just because you haven’t achieved business there and then, doesn’t mean you they won’t be in touch later down the line. Just getting one client from sending out 200+ emails could be invaluable; you may never have to send another email pitch again! But seriously, be prepared for a slog in front of a laptop at this stage of your business.