Starting a Video Production Company (in Chester)

Ok, we are live. Pistachio Films is a video production company based in the lovely city of Chester, but we’ll travel nationwide to deliver the best film and video content for both business and individuals.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 19.53.34.png

At the moment it’s just me, Pat. So it may be far fetched to be using the ‘we’ pronoun. But I’ll be collaring other freelancers (the best ones🔥) for Pistachio projects.

What sort of films will I be filming? Well if you are a business then Pistachio Films will be ideal for a commercial or online video content. If you are an individual looking to have your special day filmed, be it a Wedding, Birthday or Christening, Pistachio Films will create a film detailing your special moments in the perfect edit.

I already have an initial showreel and I implore you to take a look over in the portfolio, but this showreel will be superseded pretty soon with all the new content being filmed these coming months.


These blogs will describe the life of starting out a video production company, from the film shoots and edits to ‘What does a freelancer actually do in between projects?’ I’ll go through camera equipment, the film industry, the business behind film production and more. And if you are looking at starting your own production company then this will give some accurate insight into the process.